New Album Coming 2020!

Covid 19 can put a lot of things on hold, but yours truly Fried Okra can’t be stopped from putting an album out. Never the less, the virus do complicate things, so planning when to release is more difficult. But the album is almost done. Only a few cover design details to be finished. Then we’ll get it pressed on both vinyl and cd ! Yes, it’s our second album to make it on vinyl.

Before releasing the album we will release videos and singles during this summer. More to follow!

New instruments featured on the next album.

The long and inspiring proces of writing and recording is about to be done. And soon the work of mixing will begin. We are still a guitar, bass, drums trio. But we can’t help it- we love to play around with other instruments. And this time two new instruments has entered the picture. One song features an instrument played by one of us! And the other is played by a talented musician and a dear friend of us. Can you guess what instruments and who played them? We’ll keep you updated.

New Album in Proces

Long time since last update. But working with new songs and recording takes time. In July we recorded 8 tracks in three days in  ViktoriaStudios runned by Peter Iversen. He brought a lot of good ideas to the table and helped us shaping the songs. In August we did some editing and dubbing at Viktoria and again in November we recorded 2 more songs.

Now the recordings are simmering like a stew, and we will listen back next week to decide what need to be done. Some songs might need a tambourine, some maracas, an extra guitar.

Aiming to the new album out there in early 2020.