Fried Okra Band ‘Back Into the River’

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The latest release from Fried Okra. The first Okra album to be released on ol’school vinyl LP.

Fried Okra Band ‘ There’s a World Outside My Door’

The third release from The Fried Okra Band boasts the raw sound of a trio concentrated around vocals, two guitars and drums. Further spice is added by the one string Diddley Bo, harmonica, mandolin, banjo-mandolin, a variety of percussion and last but not least, fat sousaphone bass lines.

Personel:  Morten Lunn : Guitar and vocals – Thomas Foldberg : Guitar and harmonica – Thomas Crawfurd : Drums, mandolin, banjolin, percussion -Henrik Silver : Sousaphone

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Fried Okra Band ‘My Kind Of Woman’

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Fried Okra Band ‘What’s Wrong’

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