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Fried Okra Band / Back Into the River

Fried Okra Band from Copenhagen, Denmark is now ready to release their fourth album Back Into the River, recorded live in a small backyard studio in Copenhagen. With few instruments and a minimum of overdubs this album shows the underground trio from both its most rocking and most poetic sides.


With the new album Fried Okra Band proves that they are on the same page as their US colleagues - like Jack White and The Black Keys the Copenhagen guys are inspired by the hypnotic and haunting blues of the Hill Country of Mississippi. Like those artists Danish Fried Okra Band have in later years consolidated their status with songs that are both simple, energetic and focused on the riff, the groove and the lyrics. Combining this American inspiration with their Danish heritage Fried Okra Band has created their own songs and sound on several albums.


Back Into the River is filled with hypnotic moods and grooves and the record shows a simple, yet powerful musical expression. Some songs change dynamically, some songs just move along quietly in their own vibe...but every one of them has the sound of Fried Okra Band. My Kind Of Woman and I Can’t Help You Out are solid rocking tunes, while Don’t go North is a powerful boogie moving into ZZ Top territory.


Lead singer, Morten Lunn says:

“We chose the title Back Into the River partly because it is a line from the first song on the record, partly because it reflects the common feeling of being in a stream of thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings that float along and end up becoming music – the music we like to play.The ancient Greeks said one couldn’t step into the same river twice. We believe, we do step into a well-known river, but the water is different – and it’s never still. We step into that stream with just 11 songs, a couple of guitars and a drum kit. That’s our sound, that’s how the sound of Fried Okra Band is right now.”


Back Into the River is produced by Danish producer and guitarist Noah Rosanes. Apart from drums and guitars the album also contains mandolin, mandola and the infamous, homemade diddley bow – the Mississippi instrument made out of one guitar string and a broom stick. Back Into the River is the fourth release by Fried Okra Band. The first three albums were well received in Danish, European and American music magazines.

Fried Okra Band was first formed as a quartet in 2005, and is now a trio. The line-up may not be the typical one in the blues and rock world. But more and more people have already given their “hats off” to “the trio without the bass”, and the Danish band is starting to get a good reputation all around Scandinavia. On the European continent they have also taken their music to Latvia and Austria.

Back Into the River will be released on July 3rd 201



Frank 17.06.2015


Ein Hauch von Elvis, eine Ahnung Jack White, ein Hauch Black Keys umwehen den vibrierenden Tresen. Dies ist das musikalische Territorium, das ZZ top & Co beherrschen. Hier gelten andere Regeln. Staubtrocken ist die Musik, treibend, stampfend, schmeckt nach Whisky, Diesel und Öl. Warum steht an meinem Türrahmen plötzlich ein Typ mit Latzhose und Cowboystiefeln? Dankbar nehme ich einen Zug aus der Flasche, die mir ein Typ mit zerranztem Stetson auf den Tisch geknallt wird.....


Jussi Niemi, Live review from Aamulehti - Down Home Kivi Club Tampere, Finland, 2013:


”I have to say that for me this was the best blues gig in a long time...The trio stands out from most of their competitors with their unique personality..







August 28.

Jazz Bar Metro,

Lahti, Finland,

Showtime 21:00



August 29..

RootsEspa Park concert @

Espan Lava (Esplanad park)


Showtime 12:30



August 29..

RootsEspa After Party @


Helsinki, Finland

Showtime ? Evening


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