Fried Okra Deluxe

We are currently working with both our same ol’ trio and a expanded version Fried Okra Deluxe featuring three great players: Kristian Jørgensen, organ; Rune Højmark, guitar, mandolin, lab steel; and Alain Appaloo, guitar. What an honour to play with these guys. Fried Okra Deluxe can be booked and enjoyed by contacting us.

Nominated for 2 Danish Music Awards 2021

Fried Okras latest release “Doing It Right” was nominated for two Danish Music Awards (DMA) 2021.

Danish Blues Album of The Year +

The Blues Live Award

With the latest nomination, the band has been nominated three times out of six for Danish Blues Album of The Year

“This is your chance, France Baby” nominated 2007

“Back Into The River” nominated 2015

“Doing It Right” nominated 2021

New Album Coming 2020!

Covid 19 can put a lot of things on hold, but yours truly Fried Okra can’t be stopped from putting an album out. Never the less, the virus do complicate things, so planning when to release is more difficult. But the album is almost done. Only a few cover design details to be finished. Then we’ll get it pressed on both vinyl and cd ! Yes, it’s our second album to make it on vinyl.

Before releasing the album we will release videos and singles during this summer. More to follow!